About Us

The mission at DistributeChange is to partner with churches and nonprofit ministries to provide distribution of corporate product donations.  Our vision is to partner with transportation companies, businesses that provide products and services to support those in need, and local churches and ministries that serve those in need.

We are driven by a vision that demands the development of a network of church, ministry, corporate and transportation companies that strengthen nonprofits, expand corporate citizenship, and share the message of Jesus Christ.  This is accomplished by:

  • Providing transportation companies opportunities to distribute goods and resources to areas of need in communities across the country;


  • Providing product resources that help nonprofits meet their mission;


  • Helping companies give back to the communities where they live and work;


  • Help connect church and ministry job banks with local transportation companies;


  • Helping individuals increase the impact of cash contributions that help ship donated products to qualified charities;


  • Creating corporate, church, and nonprofit “win-win” outcomes for unsold products and excess inventory; and


  • Keeping products from going to waste, instead routing them to those who need.




CONNECT         with people that need food, clothing, furniture, jobs, and other resources;


HELP                   churches and ministries meet people at their point of needs with products, resources, finances, and transportation;


ACQUIRE            products that would otherwise not be used;


NETWORK           with companies, churches, ministries, transportation companies, and government and service agencies to build local relationships for CHANGE;


GO                         into inner city neighborhoods of major U.S. and Canadian markets; and


EVANGELIZE       share the love of Jesus Christ through serving and meeting people at their point of need.